Modern Toilet: Restaurant Review

Yes, you read that correctly. Modern Toilet is a restaurant, not a toilet shop. But you may not be able to tell upon walking in, because the floor is covered in toilets anyways.

Modern Toilet is the strangest restaurant I have ever visited. The theme of the restaurant is actually poop. You enter a room with a tile floor, filled with seats shaped like toilets arranged around tables. The tables all have glass tops and underneath them is a bathtub—some of the bathtubs have half-naked dolls inside. On the back wall of the restaurant is a trophy hall of urinals, which are lit up and slowly rotate through each color of the rainbow in a fixed cycle.

All of the food you order at Modern Toilet comes in squat-toilet or bathtub-shaped dishes. The dishes are all named after poop, though as most of the menu was in Chinese and we didn’t exactly learn much poop vocabulary I was unable to translate much of it. You could even order bubble tea that came in a urinal-shaped cup.

The food was alright, and probably too much money for what it was, but for some reason the waffle fries were fantastic. I had an Oreo milkshake as well, which came in a normal glass and was actually quite satisfying. All in all, slightly better than I expected, considering I was literally sitting on a toilet.

For the grand finale, we ordered chocolate soft-serve ice cream, which for obvious reasons is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

If you are easily amused by potty humor, I would highly recommend a visit. If not, you may as well just go to the McDonald’s down the street for half the price and none of the shitty décor.


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