The Chengdu Chronicles: Part 8

This is the last part! Find part one here.

Day 5: 成都 / Chengdu to 香港 / Hong Kong to 深圳 / Shenzhen

IMG_3085 (2)

It was as good as it looks

It was as good as it looks

The last day of my trip was travel done right. A lazy wake up was followed by a trip to a wonderful waffle and coffee house that I could talk about for the next six paragraphs. The restaurant is called Maan Coffee and turned out to be a chain that can be found throughout China (including in Shenzhen!) I entered to find an intriguing atmosphere—the whole shop looked almost as though it was built inside a treehouse, or maybe your grandmother’s attic, with tables and floors made of wood and chairs that were well-cushioned. The walls were lined with bookshelves and warm lanterns dangled from the ceiling. I felt like I could curl up there and daydream for hours on end. Honestly if they consulted me to build a relaxing coffeehouse this is exactly what I would build!




And then it kept getting better. I ordered a coffee and was handed a huge mug equal to about two to three cups worth of coffee. What is this? A large coffee in China? Upon ordering French toast with whipped cream and caramel they handed me a little teddy bear to keep at the table to wait for my order. The food was incredibly delicious, and the coffee was great. The best part by far was when I went to the bathroom and there was not only a Western toilet but real toilet paper! I was so pumped I took a picture! There was even soap! Ten out of ten for this place for sure.

After eating my food and feeling quite warm and cozy I decided to wander through the streets of Chengdu one last time. It was a chilly, gray day, like each day there had been so far, and I walked alongside the river with all the old people out for their morning strolls. I later headed to People’s Park to relax and drink some tea, and then it was off to the airport to catch my flight back to Hong Kong.

All in all, by the end of the trip I felt as though I’d gotten the hang of this travel thing and was a bit sad it was ending and back to life as usual. But at the same time, I was glad to be returning home.

Here are all the things I learned from my trip:

  1. It’s true. You will ALWAYS find a room.
  2. Chinese people are generous, helpful, and endlessly loving towards foreigners.
  3. But they are terrible tourists.
  4. Always pack a lunch.
  5. Expect things to go horribly wrong in China, so that you are not disappointed when they do.
  6. This country should do its holidays in shifts.
  7. I don’t care how culturally acceptable it is, I’m not going to pee into a plastic bag.
  8. Burrito bowls are delicious. But let’s be real, I already knew that…

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